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Artist bio


Gabrielle Pilot is a practicing artist, primarily a figurative painter.

Her paintings focus on personal experiences depending on the season - in the winter months, virtually confined indoors, she paints portraits and the body as well as fabric. In the summer months she studies the skies and the flight of birds.

She was blessed to have married into a family of painters. Robert Pilot was a subtle yet strong influence in his use of palette. To this day she still uses his original paints and brushes and canvases.

She studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art School of Drawing and Painting, Instituto San Miguel Allende, L'Ecole des Beaux Arts, Emma Lake (U of Saskatchewan) and Concordia University of Fine Arts.

I've always worked from life, though until recently, I had not done so seriously or ambitiously. Then, when painting with gouache with our grandchildren, I discovered there were things I did or that suggested themselves

which wouldn't have occurred to me working from life: use of line which changes colour along its length, a more varied palette, the push and pull between actuality of the paint and a variety of paint handling within one canvas.

I approached this new manner with some trepidation. I was afraid of being seduced by what seemed an easier kind of painting.

Sometimes I used a mirror which extends the space behind the picture plane, offering an alternative perspective and sometimes an unexpected view. It also suggest subtle colour shifts as well as tending to flatten the painting.

I am reminded of words expressed by my father-in-law, Robert Pilot who said: "that it matters little what you paint; what matters much more is how well you paint it."

And yet, "if you don't back up your dreams with truth, then you have a very round shouldered art".

But then, WHAT IS TRUTH?